Welcome To Wookie-Nation!
Be a part of the decentralization revolution in an effort to take power back from the Evil Empire!

Learn About how we promote decentralization

Fighting centralized tyranny and rebelling against the evil empire by promoting decentralization across the galaxy through education and financial freedom. Wookie-Nation participates in meet-ups with other local single pool operators. Daily forums are held locally at businesses and larger, coordinated events have also occurred.

Little Wookies! Pit Bull Rescue Charity

Supporting local Pit Bull Rescue services in order to save the lives of these “little wookies” that people have abused, neglected, and stigmatized. We are taking a percentage of operator profits and donating them to local animal shelters that are “little wookie” like-minded. Donations made to Bama Bully Rescue and Alabama Pit Bull Rescue.

Take a Stand against the empire with net neutrality

Promote the necessity of Net Neutrality. The Evil Empire is at it again trying to monopolize the internet and annihilate Net Neutrality which abolishes our freedom of an open internet.

How Do I Stake?

Step-by-Step guide of how you can start to earn passive income while supporting decentralization.

- Staking Tutorial-

Single Stake Pool Operator Support

Supporting the single stake pool owner rebel alliance specifically through peer-to-peer communication and promotion. Helping the other “Small fish” that are out there and need it!

Low Carbon Footprint

Cutting our carbon footprint by using renewable energy and hosting environments to support the Wookie-Nation stake pool. Wookie Nation is powered by a power provider plan that is guaranteed 8,000 kWh of solar and wind RECs usage with the servers used to host and maintain Wookie-Nation.